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myOilCache: Organize your Essential Oils & Recipes

myOilCache provides an easy and convenient way for you to keep track of all your Essential Oils, Recipes and Accessories (diffusers, bottles, etc.).

Benefits of using myOilCache:

SAVE MONEY: With myOilCache, you’ll always know what Oils you already own. Plus, you will have detailed information about each, including date opened, expiration date, where they are stored, and much more.

KNOW HOW MUCH YOU MONEY SPEND: If you’re on a budget (and aren’t we all), the Purchases section will let you know how much money you spend each month or year on Oils and Accessories. 

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR RECIPES: In the Recipe section, you can keep detailed information on your Essential Oil Recipes, including a photo, details, source, and a list of ingredients.

SHARE: Want to share your Essential Oil Recipes and Oil Details? myOilsCache provides an easy way for you to share your Oils, Accessories, and Recipes with friends.


myOilCache Overview:

Here is a basic overview for the different sections in the myOilCache app:


Keep a detailed inventory of your Essential Oils, including how many oils are opened, expired, or empty.


Keep a detailed inventory of your Accessories (Diffusers, bottles, etc.)


Keep detailed information on your Recipes, including a photo, recipe details/instructions, and ingredients.

Shopping List

Keep a detailed list of the Essential Oils and Accessories (diffusers, bottles, etc.) that you need to purchase.


View a detailed listing of how much money you spent on Oils and Accessories.


View detailed Statistics on the Oils and Accessories you added to the app.



Add your own Brands, Categories, Sub Categories, Stores, etc. You can create your own system for categorizing your Oils, Accessories, and Recipes by adding your own Tags.



View a quick summary of your info, including Expired Oils, Total Oils and Accessories. Also, view how many oils and accessories you purchased and how much you spent the last 7 days and 30 days.

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